“When you buy quality, you only cry once.”

We never buy B grade material.  Ever.  Many of the local fabricators do.  The material is not A grade for a reason – off-color, pattern inconsistencies, chips, voids, bubbles.  We consider using less than A grade material to be a waste of our time and your money.  Beware of their low price.  

No kitchen project utilizes every square inch of every slab.  The remaining pieces (remnants), are always A grade material.  Many fabricators hoard these remnants.  We do not.  They consider them to be worth the same price per square foot as the entire slab.  We do not. 


Vanity Tops

We have almost 100 granite and quartz remnants to choose from.  You are welcome to find a remnant that you like that we are offering.  We will cut it down to the size you want and polish the sides to 3,000 grit.

Please note: although we do reserve the right to not offer certain remnants for vanity tops that are large (for example, greater than ½ slab) or are very expensive (for example, Taj Mahal quartzite is currently over $100 per square foot), we are not hoarders and will work with you every chance we can.

We will cut vanity tops with an off-center sink.  They are available for the same price as any vanity top with a sink in a standard position. 

A standard width vanity top is 1 inch wider (left to right) and 1 ½” deeper (front to back) than the vanity it will sit on. If you are in need of a vanity top – no matter the depth - we can help you.  Below is a chart listing the standard depths and widths for vanities and their related vanity tops. 

Depth of Vanity Depth of Top Width of Vanity Width of Top
18" 19" 24" 25"
21" 22 1/2" 30" 31"
24" 25 1/2" 36" 37"
    42" 43"
    48" 49"
    54" 55"
    60" 61"
    72" 73"


We do not recommend carrying any vanity with a width larger than 37”, it is surprisingly heavy and should be handled by someone who has experience working with them.  For any widths we offer, we strongly urge you to stay within your physical limits when picking up or carrying any of these vanity tops.  Both granite and quartz are very heavy.

For vanities 60” and over, we offer the option of 2 sinks.  We do not recommend vanity tops with a width of less than 60” to have two sinks.  There just isn’t enough counter space on the top and it is very difficult to get the flanges of the undermount sinks to fit within the vanity. 

With 2 sinks, the positioning of the sinks is very important.  The distance from the center of each sink to the edge of the vanity top is determined by the configuration of the vanity.  In many cases, more than 1 vanity is combined to create an overall width of 60” or greater. For example, if 2 - 30” vanities are combined to create a 60” vanity, the distance from the center of each sink to the edge of the vanity top is 15 ½”.  If 2 - 24” vanities are combined with a 12” set of drawers between them to create a 60” vanity, the distance from the center of each sink to the edge of the vanity top is 12 ½”.  In this example, if the 12” set of drawers is added to the left or right of the other vanities, the sinks will be off-center.  We will be happy to determine the appropriate sink setup for your vanity setup.

Below is the pricing for vanity tops with a depth of 19", 22 1/2" or 25":

Width of Vanity Top Price
25" $300
31" $325
37" $350
43" $375
49" $400
55" $500
61" Single Sink $550
61" Double Sink $700
73" Single Sink $650
73" Double Sink $800


Many fabricators consider working with you on vanity tops to be a waste of their time.  We do not.  We will treat you with kindness and respect.  We look forward to working with you.  Always.