“When you buy quality, you only cry once.”

Countertop material options vary greatly in cost depending upon the color and pattern. We will be very happy to go over all your options.  We expect you to take your time selecting which material and pattern fits your needs and budget.  We understand that your project’s budget reflects not what you can afford to spend, but what you want to spend.  There is no pressure to buy.  There is no reason to hurry.  We want you to be as happy with your choices 10 years from now as you are when you pick them out.  Take your time.


Dependable Stone Solutions

Queen City Quartz & Granite is focused on delivering friendly and trustworthy services that truly take your concerns into account. To do so, we conduct every part of the process in our local facility before delivering and installing the finished product in your space. From kitchen and bathroom granite countertops to quartz countertops, shower surfaces, fireplaces, and more, we’re ready to get to work.

Measuring, Cutting & Fabrication

When you call the Queen City Quartz & Granite team to tackle a countertop or stone surface project on your behalf, you can trust that the entire project will be handled by professionals from beginning to end. From custom stone fabrication to custom countertop design, stone measuring, and cutting, we’re prepared to offer full-scale service that transcends the industry standards currently in place.

Countertop Installation Services

Our team not only takes care of the fabrication process, but we are also prepared to cut and install your materials to the surfaces they’ve been created to cover. From quartz kitchen countertops to marble bathroom solutions, our experience makes sure that the entire job is taken care of, so you only need to consider how you’re going to entertain on your new surfaces once we leave.

Repair Work

From cracks and chips to loose surfaces and sealing jobs, we’re equipped and prepared to help your countertops appear good as new. Our team is also skilled in resurfacing and full removal work. Contact us today to learn more!